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ALNP Leadership Academy mission is to shape the confidence of girls and women to become future leaders through leadership, modeling, and entrepreneurship training. We are now accepting new students!

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Pearls of Wisdom for Teenage Girls

f you are a Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, or Friend — give “Pearls of Wisdom” to every young woman you know.
Linda Pearl Fils-Aime brilliantly identifies the challenges facing girls as they mature into women, and offers astute advice, exercises, and wisdom they can use every day to achieve both physical confidence and inner fortitude. Every young generation needs a select group of influential and accomplished mentors to help guide their path. For young women in these challenging times, the voice of Linda Pearl Fils-Aime is clear, strong, and on point.
–Dianne Hudson, Co-founder of Andre Walker Hair, former executive producer of The Oprah Show